After 21 months living in the states, sharing stories with many girls as clueless as me, I realized that the goodbye is always the hardest part and the only thing that we have is now.

I never thought I would totally fall in love with a stranger just 2 months before leaving USA, but here I am on a a plane going back home and saying goodbye to my loved New York. I feel my body dried off after crying for so long, today I am not just saying goodbye to Port Washington, I am saying goodbye to my happiness, my comfort zone, my triplets, my sex and the city crew, kevin and many memories that will stay forever in my mind. Well its known that we always come back to places where we were happy so I am just waiting for that day.


I can say that New York gave me more that I was expecting.  it gave me a second home, many friends that became family, hangovers that will last forever, long walks in cold snowy nights, many laughs at the Town Docks and someone to love.  What I would like to say to him? Thanks for giving me great memories and for showing me that love is not dead, you were indeed the cherry on top of my experience and the hardest goodbye. Thanks for an amazing weekend in the Catskills Mountains by your side, on a shitty bed and breakfast that was just fine by your side, sitting near the waterfall listening Bob Marley, kayaking on the North-South Lake, hiking on the mountain even though you are scared of heights, going to Oktoberfest in Hunter Mountain, lots of Poutine and strudel kisses, drinking beers on private property, getting high and looking at the stars, making love with flip flops in the Twilight Lodge bathroom, eating chocolate cake and $1 microwave steak with our hands, waking up cuddling with you, jumping in a swimming hole with freezing water, riding the Alien Abduction with 5 year old kids, making quesadillas on a Sunday morning or eating milka and watching a movie by your side. Thanks for all these amazing memories my nature boy.





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